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ALL-SIS Scholarly Communications & Author's Rights Toolkit


Retain your author's rights!

Why should I use the SPARC addendum?

The Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine will help you generate a PDF form that you can attach to a journal publisher's copyright agreement to ensure that you retain certain rights.


This addendum gives you non-exclusive rights to create derivative works from your Article and to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, and publicly display your article in connection with your teaching, conference presentations, lectures, other scholarly works, and professional activities.

SPARC Addendum Access - Reuse:

You retain sufficient rights to grant to the reading public a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial license or similar license that allows the public to re-use or re-post your article so long as you are given credit as the author and so long as the reader's use is non-commercial.


Download the US SPARC Author Addendum (PDF) or Complete the SPARC Author Addendum Online (US Only)

  1. Enter the information requested.
  2. Select "access-reuse" as the Agreement Type.
  3. Save the PDF addendum that is generated.
  4. Print the addendum, and sign and date it.
  5. Sign and date the publisher's agreement. Immediately below your signature on the publisher's form, write: "Subject to attached Addendum." This is very important because you want to make clear that your signature is a sign that you accept the publisher's agreement only if the publisher accepts you Addendum.
  6. Make a copy of all three documents (the publisher's form, your Addendum, and your cover letter) for your records.
  7. Staple the three original documents together.
  8. Mail the three original documents to the publisher.


An Introduction to Copyright Resources for Authors describes the SPARC project and author copy rights.

Adapted from SPARC/Science Commons under CC 3.0. This is a joint offering from Science Commons and SPARC and represents a new version of the former SPARC Addendum.