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Alternative Legal Research Platforms: Home


This guide covers selected resources and tips for legal research that can be considered alternatives to Westlaw and Lexis. Because access to these sources can vary significantly, choose what best describes you to see tailored suggestions:

Suggested Sources for More Information

Free Legal Research Resources - United States, Harvard Law School Library

This is a more in-depth guide than what you will find curated here; check here for more information on finding treaties, government documents, secondary sources, and data sets. 

Free & Low Cost Legal Research, New York Law School - The Mendik Library

This guide describes NY state and city resources. 

How to Find Free Case Law Online, Law Library of Congress

This guide goes more in-depth on several of the biggest free sources like Google Scholar, CourtListener, and the Caselaw Access Project for those interested in finding cases

Guide to Law Online: U.S. States and Territories, Law Library of Congress

On this page, you can find a list of guides for each US state and territory. Each guide covers one jurisdiction, introduces the structure of that government, and provides links to free sources of law online.


For help accessing these titles, please contact a reference librarian at, via chat, or by calling 212 636 6908.