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Empirical Research: Labor & Employment

This guide will provide resources for empirical legal research including information on data sets and statistical packages.

United States

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: part of the US Department of Labor, this site contains data for download on a variety of topics such as inflation and prices, productivity and pay and benefits.
  • Employment Research Data Center: hosted by the Upjohn Institute for Employment, this website contains older studies and reports sponsored by the US Department of Labor. 
  • EEOC Statistics: statistics from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on topics such as litigation, equal employment and diversity in specific industries.


  • Labor Statistics: from the New York State Department of Labor, it includes data on jobs in demand, wages and unemployment.
  • Labor Market Information Reports: from New Jersey's Department of Labor and Workforce Employment. Includes current employment statistics and projects for industry employment.

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Foreign & International

  • ILOSTAT: a database of labor statistics operated by the ILO.  Data can be access by country or by topic such as wages, consumer price index, and strikes/lockouts.
  • Key Indicators of the Labor Market (KILM): produced by the ILO, KILM is a collection of 20 indicators of the labor market, from employment to characteristics of jobseekers and labor productivity. It is published every two years.
  • Labor Force Surveys: a website produced by the ILO which collects national Labor Force Surveys from a variety of countries.
  • SIMPOC (Statistical Information and Monitoring Program on Child Labor): also on the ILO website, this database provides statistics on child labor, including country briefs. 

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