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Empirical Research: Home

This guide will provide resources for empirical legal research including information on data sets and statistical packages.


With the recent growth in empirical legal scholarship, one of the goals of Fordham Law Library is developing a program to support empirical legal research by the faculty and students.  As part of this program, we have created this guide to provide students and faculty with information in the following areas: 

  • Current events: Information on conferences and workshops within and outside Fordham Law School, related to empirical legal studies.
  • Resources for data analysis: Information on statistical data packages that are available to students and faculty.
  • Topical statistical resources: Information on where to find statistics and datasets, by topic.

We hope that you find this guide useful.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our Empirical Research Specialist, Alissa Black-Dorward (212-636-7968,

Empirical Research at Fordham Law School

It is an exciting time for empirical research at Fordham Law School, as the number of faculty working in this area continues to grow.  As part of the Law Library's commitment to supporting the research mission of the Law School, we have a reference librarian, Alissa Black-Dorward, dedicated to assisting students and faculty with empirical research issues.  The Law Library can assist faculty and students in the following ways:

  1. Providing access to and support for faculty use of statistical software packages and datasets;
  2. Providing faculty and students with information about resources that may exist at Fordham University generally to assist with empirical work;
  3. Developing a collection of monographs, journals and links to data sources that will assist faculty and students with their empirical research needs.

Please contact Alissa Black-Dorward for any inquiries related to empirical research.

Empirical Resources at Fordham University

Hot topics

  • Details from Causal Inference Workshops sponsored by Northwestern University, Duke University & Society for Empirical Research.  
  • The papers presented at the 2012 Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, held at Stanford Law, are available here at SSRN.
  • The papers presented at the 2011 Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, held at Northwestern School of Law, are available here at SSRN.
  • The papers presented at the 2010 Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, held at Yale Law School, are available here at SSRN.