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Career Resources at Maloney Library: Monitor Suite

Accessing Monitor Suite

Access MONITOR SUITE with the following login information:

USERNAME: FordhamReferenceDesk 
PASSWORD: FordhamLibrary1

Using Monitor Suite

Use Monitor Suite to research litigation and transactional trends in your chosen field, find cases handled by law firms or attorneys of interest, discover the legal needs of corporate employers. You may search by Company, Attorney, Industry, Judge, Law Firm, and more. Type your preferred term into the main search box, select the relevant search result from the options presented. Click "Add" and then "Get Results" from the left side bar. 

This will bring you to a detailed page with information on courts, trends, and other analysis. Customize and search within these results! The drop down menus on the left side include detailed links to cases as well as patent filings and deals.

Research Tip: Find Law Firms by Industry

Use Monitor Suite to search for law firms that are working in your industry of interest. Search for an industry - you can keep the search broad or narrow down within that field.

Click Add and then Get Results, and use the search results side bar to filter by Law Firm Representation, or even individual attorney names, to see who is working the most in this area.