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RA Survival Guide: Administrative Materials

Obtaining an RA Card

As an RA, you receive special privileges in the library.  These may include:

  • being able to check out books under your faculty member's account;
  • receive additional printing credit to print out materials for your faculty member

To take advantage of these privileges, you need to first obtain an RA card. To obtain an RA card, your faculty member must fill out an RA card form

Once this form is complete, please come to the reference desk so we can issue you a card:

You may then show this card to check out books and to receive additional print credit in the ISP office. You must present BOTH your RA Card and your Fordham Law ID to the Circulation Desk in order to check out materials.

Extra Printing/Copying Credit

If your professor asks you to print out or copy a large number of documents, you can request additional credit be added to your student account to cover this cost. To request this allowance, simply show your RA card at the Law School Help Desk office which is located on the Lower Level of the law school building. Credit is added $10 at a time and can be requested more than once.

Borrowing Privileges

For borrowing privileges for materials available through the Fordham Law library, please see "Obtaining an RA Card."

For borrowing privileges for materials available at other libraries, please see "How Do I Request Material From Another Library?"

Getting Paid

In order to be paid in a timely fashion, it is IMPERATIVE that you follow the following steps to submit and obtain approval for your timesheets.  DO NOT WAIT until the last day of the pay period to fill in your hours - some pay periods have earlier deadlines so to avoid missing a payment, open your timesheet as soon as it becomes available.

1.     You cannot get paid without filling out the requisite paperwork.  Contact Aisha Harper immediately if you have not yet completed this step. Be sure to include the name of the professor you are working for along with your start date.

2.     As soon as your paperwork has been submitted and approved by the University, you will notice an "Employee" tab on your My.Fordham.Edu screen.

3.     Click on the Employee tab to see the timesheets available to you in each pay period.

4.     Fill in the hours you worked for this time period; please remember that you are not permitted to work more than 35 hours/week during the summer (19 hours/week during the school year), so please be sure to double-check your timesheet before submitting it.

5.     Once you have completed filling in the hours for that period, click on the "Submit for approval" button.

6.     As soon as you have completed step #5, send your faculty member an email with Aisha Harper copied requesting approval for the total number of hours submitted.

7.     Until step #6 is completed, your timesheet cannot be approved.  Therefore, please make sure to email your faculty member as soon as you submit your timesheet to allow for prompt processing.

Please remember you are participating in a University-wide payment system and therefore all deadlines must be STRICTLY ADHERED TO if you are to be paid on time.