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ALL-SIS Scholarly Communications & Author's Rights Toolkit

What Do HeinOnline Author Profiles Offer?

HeinOnline Author Profile Pages are an excellent way to showcase, promote, and contextualize the scholarly work of individual authors throughout HeinOnline. One major benefit of these profiles is how there is relatively little management needed. When any author is identified and attributed to a HeinOnline work, an Author Profile Page is automatically created for that individual. The page displays a list of that author’s works as well as their ScholarRank statistics—their scholarly impact ranking, based on a number of factors and relative to other authors in HeinOnline.

Some benefits of these pages include:

  • Discover Authors - Access a dedicated landing page for any author in HeinOnline, which can be enhanced to include a photo, biography, and more.
  • Browse Works - Browse a regularly updated list of works by any author in HeinOnline, and link directly to the image-based PDF of those works.
  • Analyze Statistics - See how an author's citation and other data compares to other authors in HeinOnline with ScholarRank, citations, downloads, and more.
  • Set Up Alerts - Receive email alerts relating to an author, including for when new material by that author is added to HeinOnline.
  • And more, as detailed here.

Author Profile Admin for Librarians

Librarians can also request to become an Author Profile Admin, allowing them to edit the Author Profile Pages of researchers affiliated with their institutions. The author or the registered admin can further connect a specific HeinOnline profile with that particular author’s ORCID record, improving attribution, ensuring accuracy, and deepening scholarly context.

Pro Tip: When you are an Author Profile Admin for your law school, you can more easily access the institutional author's list and you get a dedicated, prominent link to quickly download all HeinOnline data associated with your faculty.