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Library Services for Journal Members: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Who on the journal may request ILL materials?

Any journal member may request ILL materials. Please do not make duplicate loan requests. Only one copy of a book will be retrieved through ILL per journal. To avoid duplicate requests, we suggest that each editor of an article coordinate ILL requests for that article. Journal cite-checkers may make requests, but they are responsible for confirming with their coordinating editor that the book source has not been already requested.

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What must a source-puller do BEFORE the library will borrow an item from another library?

Books: Researchers must search for books in FULLPAC and seek them in the library. If a book is in the collection of the law library but has been checked out by another user, the research can ask for a voluntary recall at the circulation desk. If the book is in the law library collection and has not been checked out, but is not in the stacks, the researcher should ask at the circulation desk to fill out a Search Request. Please wait at least 24 hours after placing the Search Request before asking the editor to request the book via ILL.

Articles: Researchers must search for articles on the web and in all Fordham Law School and Fordham University databases before seeking them through ILL. For help with a thorough search, researchers should consult their journal's library liaison or visit the reference desk.

Journal librarian liaisons are happy to provide training to staff on the best ways to take the steps mentioned above. Additionally, the library will be providing a step-by-step checklist that members should complete for each item before noting that it's unavailable.

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Who is responsible for ILL materials borrowed for a journal assignment?

The person who created the request is personally responsible for any books he or she requests via ILL, including replacement fees. Lost or damaged book fees cannot not be waived by the journal or The Maloney Library. 

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What materials may be requested?

Books and book chapters not held by or accessible through the Fordham Law School library or Fordham University Lincoln Center's Quinn Library.

   Material from Fordham's Walsh and Westchester libraries should be requested through LAW ILLiad. 

   DO NOT attempt to borrow books through Fordham University's ILLiad system. 

Periodical articles that are not accessible in PDF through the Fordham Law Library or the Fordham University Library system.

The interlibrary loan office will not obtain more than one copy of a book or article needed for a single Fordham journal article. Please keep this in mind when footnoting symposium pieces.

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What should you not request through ILLiad?

Books located in the Maloney Library.

Books located in the Quinn Library, irrespective of whether they are in the Law collection or the University's collection.

Articles available through online sources via the Law Library's & University Library's catalogs or articles freely available online.

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How does a journal member request material through ILL?

Use the online Law ILLiad utility to make ILL requests, which can be accessed through the Fordham Law Library website by clicking on the Interlibrary Loan link under Library Services. Fill out the requested information as completely as possible. Incomplete requests will not be filled. When in doubt, consult the reference desk or your journal’s library liaison. Under no circumstances should you request material through the Fordham University Library’s separate ILLiad system.

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What information should the request include?

Bibliographic information: title, author, and edition.

Do not request articles in legal citation format.

Please include page number range for articles.

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Must ILL books be secured in any special way?

All books borrowed through the ILL system must be stored in a secure location in the journal's office. Material found unattended in the library, including on footnoting tables, will be returned to the lending library and will not be borrowed again. A notice of the library's removal and return will be sent to the responsible editor.

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How will I know the borrowed material has arrived? Where do I pick it up?

The requesting editor will be notified by email. Materials available in digital format will be emailed directly to the editor. Physical items will be available for pick-up at the circulation desk. Books lent through ILL that are not picked up by their due dates will be returned to the lending library and not borrowed again.

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When must ILL books be returned? Can they be renewed?

Due dates must be strictly adhered to. Each borrowed book will bear a sticker noting the due date. If ILL material will be needed after the due date, the editor should contact the ILL Department (, 212-636-6768 or 212-636-6902) as soon as possible so the department may request an extension. Extending the loan is completely at the discretion of the lending library and is not automatic. Failure to return books borrowed via ILL may result in the offending journal losing ILL privileges for an entire semester.

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Tips for expedited results!

Do not make duplicate requests.

Do not use the "Other" request option in ILLiad.

Only use Law ILLiad for requesting items. Do not use any University Library delivery systems, including their ILLiad, their Intercampus requests form, or their Science Direct article request form.

In Law ILLiad, please type ISBN & ISSN numbers without dashes. Please do not type ISBN or ISSN before the number!


Search WorldCat for your item and use the item's accession number, otherwise known as OCLC number, in the ILLiad request form.

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Contact information!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Juan Fernandez at the following:

Telephone: 212-636-6768


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