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Empirical Research: Health

This guide will provide resources for empirical legal research including information on data sets and statistical packages.

Table of Contents

United States

  • National Center for Health Statistics: part of the Center for Disease Control, the NCHS is the United States's principal health statistics agency.  The site contain publications, surveys and data downloads for public use.  
  • FastStats: created by the Center for Disease Control, this site has national health statistics organized by topic and includes link to publications that use the statistics.
  • CDC Wonder: provides numerous datasets on public health, and includes summary statistics, maps and charts. 
  • Vital Statistics Data available online: through the Center for Disease Control.  This site has downloadable data sets for manipulation.
  • National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: a program of studies to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States.  The survey includes interviews as well as physical exams.  This survey is a program of the National Center of Health Statistics.
  • Longitudinal Studies of Aging: a multicohort study of people over 70, measuring changes in health, functional status and living arrangements.  This is a colloborative project of the National Institute on Aging and the National Center of Health Statistics.
  • Hispanic Healthcare Surveys: by Pew Hispanic Center and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Focuses on access to and experiences with healthcare.
  • WISQARS: an online database by the CDC.  It has data on fatal and non-fatal injuries, violent death and cost of injury.    Data can be sorted on the basis of characteristics such as intent to injure, mechanism of injury, body region, geographic location, type of injury, sex, race/ethnicity and age. 

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  • a project supported by the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit, private foundation focusing on major healthcare issues facing the United States.  This site allows you to search by state or topic and also offers a 50 state comparison feature.
  • State Health Statistics: by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.  This website carries data on nationally notifiable diseases reported by the 50 states, DC, New York City and the US territories.
  • New York State Department of Health: a section of the website is devoted to statistics on topics such as diseases, community health, early intervention programs and medicaid.

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  • World Health Organization: has a portion of its site dedicated to statistics including topics such as mortality, health workers, immunization and tuberculosis. 
  • DHS STATcompiler: supported by USAID, with additional support from UNICEF and UNAIDS.  Allows users to look at data by area of the world or by indicators such as stigma, drug use and care and support.
  • Demographic and Health Surveys: nationally representative household surveys that provide data in the areas of demographics, health and nutrition. It is part of the MEASURE DHS Project which provides technical assistance for surveys on health issues.  It is funded by USAID.
  • Malaria Country Facts: surveys on malaria by the Roll Back Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group.
  • Malaria Indicator Survey: collections national and regional data on topics such as ownership of mosquito nets, preventative treatment, and spraying of insecticide. It is part of the MEASURE DHS Project which provides technical assistance for surveys on health issues.  It is funded by USAID.

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